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Cat Scratching Ball

Cat Scratching Ball

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Give your cat endless fun with our Cat Scratching Ball! The perfect solution to keep your cat's claws healthy and your furniture intact.

Main Features:

  • Sisal Material: Our Cat Scratching Ball is made of durable sisal, designed to satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts. Promotes healthy claws and provides hours of entertainment.
  • Multifunctional Design: It is not just a scratching toy. This versatile ball also doubles as a scratching board, providing a safe alternative to keep your cat from scratching your furniture.
  • Interactive Fun: Watch your cat jump, hit and scratch the ball, stimulating his mind and body. It's perfect for keeping your cat active and happy.

Why Choose Our Cat Scratching Ball?

  • Happy Cat, Happy Home: Keep your cat entertained and happy while protecting your furniture from scratches.
  • Guaranteed Durability: Made to withstand scratches and intense play, this scratching ball is designed to last and provide long-lasting fun for your feline friend.
  • Strengthen the Bond: Play with your cat and strengthen your connection, creating moments of joy and shared fun.

Give your cat the gift of endless fun with our Cat Scratching Ball. Order now and enjoy watching your feline friend have fun while keeping their claws healthy and your furniture scratch-free!

Size: Diameter: 6.5cm, Rope Length: 10cm

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