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Feline Magic Ball

Feline Magic Ball

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Discover the Feline Magic Ball: Endless fun for your cat!

Introducing the Feline Magic Ball , the ultimate toy to keep your cat entertained and happy. Say goodbye to boredom and welcome hours of endless fun!

Our Feline Magic Ball is designed to capture your cat's attention with automatic, unpredictable movements that will keep him alert and excited. This smart toy moves on its own, awakening your cat's hunting instinct and providing constant mental and physical exercise.

Imagine your cat chasing, jumping and hitting the Magic Feline Ball as it rolls around the house. It's a fun show for both you and your pet! Ideal for indoor cats, this toy is essential for any owner who wants to keep their cat active and healthy.

Why choose the Feline Magic Ball ?

- Interactive Fun: Unpredictable movements that keep your cat entertained.

- Mental and Physical Stimulation: Perfect for exercising both the body and mind of your feline.

- Easy to Use: Simply turn it on and watch your cat have fun.

- Durable and Safe: Made with high quality materials to ensure the safety and durability of the toy.


- Material: ABS, Silicone

- Size: 4.3/4.5CM in diameter

- Battery capacity: 80mAh

- Package content: 1 Feline Magic Ball , 1 Type-C cable

- Tip: Fully charge the battery before first use for the best experience.

Don't wait any longer and give your cat the fun it deserves with the Feline Magic Ball . Place your order today and transform every day into an exciting adventure for your furry friend!


*Promotion valid until 08/01/2024 or until stock of 200 units lasts.
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