Por qué los gatos prefieren beber agua en movimiento

Why cats prefer to drink water on the move

Cats and their fascination with moving water

If you've ever wondered why cats love to drink moving water, like that coming from a faucet or even a toilet, the answer may surprise you.

Cats are naturally curious creatures and are attracted to what is different and challenging. Moving water awakens their hunting instinct, as it simulates the movement of potential prey. This makes drinking water from a still container not as attractive to them.

The importance of hydration for cats

It is vital that cats stay hydrated for their health and well-being. By drinking water regularly, cats avoid kidney and urinary problems, common in felines with inadequate fluid intake.

Tips to promote your cat's hydration

  • Provide sources of fresh, clean water in different places in the house.
  • Try moving water sources, such as special cat water bowls.
  • Place several water containers around the house so your cat can choose the one he prefers.

In conclusion, if you want your cat to stay well hydrated, consider offering him moving water, which not only stimulates his natural instinct, but also contributes to his health and well-being.


Photo by Zineddine Benhaya on Unsplash

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