Los Gatos de Dibujos Animados Más Famosos: Encantos y Travesuras

The Most Famous Cartoon Cats: Charms and Mischief

Cartoon cats have left an indelible mark on popular culture. With their charisma and cunning, they have entertained millions of people around the world. From the iconic Garfield, with his love of lasagna, to the mischievous Tom from "Tom and Jerry", these felines have conquered our hearts and have become true icons of animation.

Some, like Garfield, have transcended the screens to become characters in comics, books and even movies. Others, like the mysterious Cheshire cat from "Alice in Wonderland", have fascinated us with their enigmatic smile.

Next, we present you the most famous cartoon cats that have captivated a huge audience with their charms, cunning and practically humanized behaviors.


Garfield is a chubby orange cat who loves to eat lasagna and sleep. He is lazy, cynical, and sarcastic, but he also has a tender heart and loves his owner, Jon Arbuckle, although he often frustrates him. His weaknesses include food, lack of exercise, and his aversion to Monday.

Tom (from Tom and Jerry)

Tom is an innocent-looking but cunning gray cat. He is always trying to catch Jerry the mouse, but his plans often fail due to Jerry's intelligence and ability to escape. Despite his attempts to be evil, he sometimes shows a softer and more vulnerable side. His likes include chasing mice, sleeping and eating.

Don Gato's Cat and his Gang

El Gato is the leader of a gang of stray cats and is known for being cunning and brave. He is always hatching schemes to make easy money, although they often end in disaster. He likes to dress up and is a big show-off, but he also has a loving and protective side towards his gang.

Felix the Cat

Felix is ​​an anthropomorphic black cat with a friendly and optimistic personality. He is known for his ability to solve problems and get out of difficult situations with ingenuity and creativity. Although he is sometimes a little naive, he is always willing to help others. His likes include adventure, music and making friends.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a white cat with a red bow on her left ear. She is kind, sweet and always willing to make friends. She loves Japanese fashion, music and food. Although she is very sociable, she can be a little shy at times. Her weakness is that she is sometimes too naive and trusts the wrong people.

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