Joyas ocultas: Áreas secretas de juego para gatos en su casa

Hidden Gems: Secret Cat Play Areas in Your Home

Discover the secret corners to pamper your kitty

Is your cat bored at home? Don't worry! Here we present you a complete guide full of creative ideas to create hidden corners that will keep your cat entertained and happy.

Take advantage of vertical space for cats

Cats are expert climbers and love to explore their environment from above. A great way to entertain them is to take advantage of the vertical space in your home. Install ledges or shelves on the walls so your cat can climb and rest comfortably in high places.

Reuse furniture for cats to climb

A clever way to keep your cat active and happy is to repurpose your furniture so they can climb. Place upright scratchers near furniture so they can sharpen their claws without damaging your belongings. You can also incorporate hammocks or raised beds at strategic points so they can enjoy the view and take long naps in the sun.

Create fun mazes and hiding places

Awaken your cat's curiosity with mazes and hiding places! Use cardboard boxes to build tunnels and hiding places where they can play hide-and-seek or simply explore. Hide toys or treats in different corners to stimulate their hunting instinct and keep them mentally active.

Outdoor environments for adventurous cats

If you have a safe outdoor space, don't hesitate to create an outdoor environment for your cat. Install protective nets on balconies or terraces so they can enjoy fresh air and sun without risk. Place interactive toys and shaded areas so they can play and relax outdoors.

Introduction of new textures and smells

Cats are very curious animals that enjoy exploring their environment. Introduce new textures and smells into their play space to stimulate their senses. Place scratching posts made of different materials, such as sisal or cardboard, so that they can satisfy their need to sharpen their nails. Additionally, you can sprinkle catnip or catnip in some corners to provide an additional aromatic boost.

Build an oasis of relaxation

In addition to active play areas, it is important to create relaxation spaces so your cat can rest and recharge. Place soft beds in quiet places away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Add soft blankets or cozy pillows so they can snuggle up and sleep peacefully.

Stimulates your hunting instinct

Cats have a strong hunting instinct that you can encourage with interactive games. Use toys that simulate moving prey, such as feathers or stuffed mice, so your cat can chase and capture. These games will not only keep them physically active but will also stimulate their mind and provide enriching entertainment.


In conclusion, creating secret play areas for your cat will not only provide entertainment and stimulation, but will also strengthen your bond and improve their overall well-being. With a little creativity and dedication, you can transform your home into a feline paradise where your cat feels loved and cared for. Get to work and surprise your kitten with a unique and fun space that he will love to explore!

Image by Светлана Бердник on Pixabay

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