¿Frikis de la limpieza? Repasar los hábitos de higiene de los gatos

Cleaning geeks? Review cat hygiene habits

Do cats need baths?

Cats are known for being extremely clean animals and in most cases do not need baths as they groom themselves through their rough tongue, removing dirt and excess oil from their fur. Although cats are capable of keeping themselves clean, bathing may be necessary in some situations, such as when they become soiled by toxic or sticky substances. It is always important to use a mild, specific shampoo for cats so as not to alter the natural balance of their skin.

Grooming routines for cats

In addition to bathing, there are other grooming routines that are essential for the well-being of cats. Regularly brushing your feline helps prevent the formation of hairballs and remove dead hair, which is essential to avoid digestive problems. Brushing also stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Don't forget to trim your cat's nails periodically to prevent them from curling or breaking, as well as clean their ears with specific products to avoid infections. Checking your teeth regularly is also important to prevent dental problems.

Healthy skin and hair for cats

A balanced diet is the basis for your cat to have healthy skin and coat. Make sure you provide quality foods that contain necessary nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are essential for the health of cats' skin and coat, so you can consider including foods that are rich in these nutrients or specific supplements in their diet. Keeping your cat hydrated is equally important, so make sure he always has fresh water available to him.


In conclusion, although cats are very clean animals, it is their owners' responsibility to ensure their hygiene and well-being. By following proper grooming routines, such as bathing when necessary, regular brushing, nail trimming, ear and teeth cleaning, and a balanced diet, you can ensure your cat has healthy skin and coat. Remember that each cat is unique, so it is important to adapt hygiene care to the specific needs of your pet so that it can look radiant and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Image by Людмила on Pixabay

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